CSI 29th Anniversary Celebration – Part 2: MEET THE TEAM & WORDS FROM THE CEO

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The secret to our success for providing each of our clients with reliable support credits to CSI’s team effort. Today, let’s meet the team as of our 29th anniversary!

Words from the Vice President:

In retrospect of living in America, I never thought was a calling – – – … 

moreso, opening up a company of my own with very limited resources at age 21.  Just like any non-immigrant’s story, I came here almost 3 decades ago as an International Student, filled with anxieties, doubts, unknown excitement & experiences, totally VOID of so many realities about life beyond my “comfort zone”. 

Now, I face the 29th year of our humble co., and another year of passion, purpose, and much gratitude: 

“To love what you do and feel that it matters-how could anything be more fun, fulfilling, and still humbling…”  I may not own or a part of a 500 fortune company, but I am humbled in continuing to touch people’s lives. I may have not lived nor given everyone a “fairytale story”, but we hope that we are still continuing to provide our partners in the industry and clients an opportunity to open possibilities, and strengthen their careers and future in America, not just for themselves but most importantly, for their families.

Some will remember and some won’t, some will go, and some will stay, but our passion, purpose and gratitude, will remain.

THANK YOU again; this is my best prayer of gratitude and endless thanksgiving:  to God be all the glory, to my family especially my mom in heaven who taught and instilled the true meaning of giving without asking anything in return, my father who said that our family may be small, but we will continue to extend it to many more who wishes to be a part of us… my  Martinez and extended families who welcomed me to become their own and into their home.

To my friends & sisters from another mother, who mirror not only the beauty in life but accept the “not so nice” and still believe in many chances. With them, I have learned that family is not always by blood, but with the ones who openly reach out their hand…in both the good times and the bad.  I will not get tired of saying, THANK YOU.

May we all continue to live in the 3 G’s: Grace, Grit, and Gratitude with endless ways to deliver with humility and love. 

Your Friend and CEO,
MHO 9/21/2022

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