How to Conduct an Elevator Pitch?

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If you are looking for a job, you can write your elevator pitch for career fairs or job expos, and even on your social profile.  An Elevator Pitch is a summary of your qualifications and expertise.

Here are 4 tips that you should consider when conducting an elevator pitch:

  • Time

As the name implies, an elevator pitch should be brief enough to be presented during a short elevator ride. An effective elevator pitch should only last  20 to 30 seconds. So be mindful of the time.

  • Content

An elevator pitch should be interesting, memorable, and persuasive. It should clarify your selling points – the qualifications and skills you have. Try to focus on your most valuable assets that may add value to the company that you are applying.

  • Tone and Passion

Although this 30-second speech is your chance to show off your skills and capabilities, avoid sounding boastful. You may use jargon words as it can demonstrate your industry knowledge but you should know your audience first. Most recruiters find these terms/phrases unfamiliar and off-putting. Make it straightforward.

  • Ending the Conversation

Have a business card ready. Offering business cards may be of use as a part of your self-marketing strategy. You should be able to let your recruiter/employer know that you are available for further discussions with him/her. Alternatively, you may send a copy of your resume and cover letter, or even invite them out for coffee – this shows that you are approachable.

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