Post H-1B Selection: CAP-GAP OPT

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1st Scenario:  If you have not been selected for your H-1B Specialty Occupations yet, your next step will be enrolling in a certified institute to maintain your F-1 student visa. The CPT and OPT programs will allow you to resume your work with your employer. 

2nd Scenario: If you are selected for the H-1B processing, CONGRATULATIONS! However, keep in mind that the H-1B application is not finished yet. You need to file your H-1B!

If your OPT is still valid at the time you file your H-1B petition, your OPT will be automatically extended to September 30 (H-1B starts on October 1st). This is known as the CAP – GAP OPT Extension. 

If your H-1B petition is pending until September 30, you MUST stop working right after and wait for the approval. If your application is denied, you will start to accrue

unlawful presence. To avoid that, have your backup plan, such as an F-1 student visa will maintain your legal presence. 

For more information regarding your specific situation, contact us at (818)-476-0082 or email us at to make an appointment with us. 

We are with you all the way!

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