How to Conduct an Effective Job Search?

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Job hunting is not just about searching for vacant positions and sending your application to employers. You must also ensure that you are a good fit for the position that you are applying for, that you can catch the attention of your hiring manager, and that you are well-prepared to answer interview questions.

Here are 5 tips that might help you through your job hunting journey:

1.) Apply for the positions that you really want

Narrow down your search criteria so that you can save time and focus more on the position that you are applying for. Use terms that match your qualities and, more importantly, the place where you wish you want to work. This will filter out any unwanted job listings and provide you with a more highly relevant one.

2.) Build your network

Interact with people and develop professional connections with them. Inform them that you are looking for a job or that you would want to work in a certain field. They might be able to provide you with contacts or advice that may assist you in your job hunt. Start with making your first network with your professor if he/she has any partners that are looking for an intern or part-time employee.

3.) Market yourself on Social Media

Create and optimize your e-profiles from various professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Post articles that can promote samples of your work, let recruiters know your qualities as a potential candidate and that you are open to work.

4.) Write a good resume and cover letter

Take your time in writing your own resumes and cover letters. Try linking specific qualifications to the hiring criteria for the positions you are looking for. The more targeted your resume and cover letter is, the higher the chance that you might get interviewed.

5.) Attend career fairs and seminars

Not only can you learn more about the industry/company you want to work in, but you can also build your network by attending career fairs and seminars. These events may offer a lot of information and they may give you more opportunities to connect with other people who can assist you in your career quest.

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