Alert: H-1B Registration Time Changed!

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As William Shakespeare said, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”

Following our memorandum a week ago, we are pleased to announce that the positive though gradual changes on H-1B are moving forward.

Starting today, Our H-1B Initial Registration COUNT DOWN begins. We will make consistent updates regarding our preliminary steps to register new candidates for H1B FISCAL YEAR 2023.

Applications need to be initially registered from March 1st until the 18th. Registration closes at 12 NN EST on March 18, 2022. Then, USCIS conducts the selection process. On or by March 31, 2021, USCIS will update the employers’ accounts as to those who got selected. If your application is selected, preparation and filing to USCIS can start on April 1 until June 30, 2022.

Employers may register multiple individuals at once, using a single online “batch” submission. An employer may only submit one registration per intended beneficiary in any fiscal year. If an employer registers a beneficiary more than once in the same fiscal year, all registrations submitted by that employer for that beneficiary will be invalidated.

Last year, there were at least three rounds of selection and lottery processes conducted by USCIS. Staying optimistic on this year’s H-1B Changes, we hope to see more candidates who are qualified and being selected, this H1B FY 2022-2023.

We are optimistic that from our nearly 78% approval and chosen H-1B Specialized Occupation from the previous year, we are likely to maintain, if not increase in number and percentage this year.

For the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has hugely impacted our lives and careers. However, with CSI Professionals’ proactive efforts, we were able to secure our candidates with job offers and training opportunities. This year, with stronger partnership, and commitment to international candidates and applicants, we are expecting more offers and approvals. 

With CSI Professionals, we not only handle your paperwork for the next change of status but also plan out for you and your family’s best option and process to fulfilling your American Dream. 

If one day may create a miracle, 30 days could certainly make a magical difference. Contact us at (818)-476-0082 to make an appointment with us on your next step.

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