Troops Returning from the War- Focus on Economy; Not PRIDE

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President Biden has chosen to withdraw the US troops that have been stationed in Afghanistan, troops are ordered to leave the country by the end of August. Biden chose to end the 20 year war in Afghanistan on Thursday where he stated that the United States can’t keep affording the human cost or strategic distraction of a conflict that had strayed far from its initial mission. The intent of the initial mission was not to rebuild a nation but rather avoid more terrorist attacks such as 9/11 and also bring Osama bin Laden to justice. However, Biden believed that the war should have ended when Laden had died. In the president’s eye, the mission wasn’t a failure, he is still going to help the many thousands of Afghans who served as translators or provided other assistance to the American military. The administration is moving quickly to allow evacuations and promised the Afghans a home in the US. 

Biden believes that the US has done more than enough to empower the Afghan police and military to secure the future of their people. It was the Afghans time to decide what their future was going to look like and how it was going to be run. As the Afghans move forward in their rebuilding, Biden intends for the United States to remain engaged in diplomatic efforts and to help support the Afghan government with money and supplies even after all U.S. troops have left.

Despite how the Afghanistan War had been kept alive for 20 years, it is about time the US returned home and allowed for the Afghanistan nation to get back on its feet and decide its future. The US will still continue to help in different ways to allow for the nation to flourish in time while still providing a way for many Afghan people to find a new home in the US for all the help they have provided to the US. 


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