CSI Winning Team: Everyone is a CHAMPION

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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is about to come to an end. Our honorable immigrants’ descendant athletes created remarkable records for the U.S. team. Same as our CSI Winning team!


Born in Armenia and grew up in India. M.M mirrors a very independent and positive lifestyle since he was in High School and college.  He was left alone at Boarding School for Boys in India at a very young age because his family had to move to America due to the chaos in their home country. With his own strengths and limited resources as a Student Scholar, he moved to the US as an International Student. Once again, starting from 0, volunteering in different projects without expectations;  only to prove himself to be of value and an asset to a group and later on, a company.

This was MM’s unique and admiring trait; for him, success should not always be equated to money or compensation. He would always want people to see him for his worth and what he could deliver and he does it with such passion, with a heart; no shortcuts, but smart!

In less than 3 years, MM is bound to reach his American Dream!


Rene visited the US for many years to spend time with her mother and siblings or for work.  He was already a young professional with one of the biggest airline co., Northwest Airlines (now Delta), a Regional Sales Manager for a major Broadcasting Co’ in the Philippines, assigned in Milan Italy, a Provincial Administrator & Entrepreneur before he decided to move to America.

America was a place to visit and little did he know that personal decisions would pave the way to start pursuing a different direction and start again from the bottom. A humbling start once again on his way to the American Dream!  The simple act of humility is a winning example of a person’s determination to reach for his personal goals!  Reboot to becoming a Student Professional Trainee before reaching for his American Dream!

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