Biden Administration’s Plan to Encourage US Citizenship!

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The US reaches the halfway mark of the year spent with a new administration and the changes are slowly turning the US back on track. The Biden administration has been stacked with a lot of challenges, mainly the ongoing pandemic since the start of 2020. With the many promises the new president has vowed to bring to life, CSI’s top priority is to continue to look for updates on the new changes for Immigration and Employment. 

The new administration had a lot of things piled on their plates once they all assumed office, mainly on how to help the American people recover with the ongoing pandemic that has been a challenge since 2020. With the huge order of vaccinations, many people have access to taking the vaccine shots and are slowly returning back to normal. The administration has also helped many families and businesses by releasing stimulus checks. The next challenge is immigration which has slowly been attended to. Currently Biden has unveiled a new strategy that encourages eligible immigrants to apply for US citizenship. This was one of President Biden’s early executive orders that called on federal agencies to have “welcoming strategies that promote integration, inclusion, and citizenship.” as stated by Citizenship and Immigration Services (CNN, 2021). Some ideas for example are holding naturalization ceremonies at national parks to raise awareness, partnering with the US Postal Service to display promotional posters at Postal Service facilities about becoming a US citizen, and engaging with the Department of Veterans Affairs and veteran service organizations to find ways to educate service members and veterans on citizenship. 

With a different tone, Biden wants to avoid the anti-immigrant rhetoric made by the previous administration on immigration where they had underscored the contributions immigrants make to society. The past administration had doubled down on citizenship where they even teased an end to birthright citizenship and attempted to include a citizenship question on the census. It also revised the naturalization exam making it more difficult, which is a crucial step on an immigrant’s path toward US citizenship. Thankfully, Biden rolled back those changes. With these strategies, Biden will be participating in a naturalization ceremony on Friday and will be among more than 100 such ceremonies scheduled between June 30 and July 7 to welcome more than 9,400 new citizens.  This proves the present administration’s pathway and advocacy to support immigrants’ citizenship programs!

We remain optimistic that even with hurdles and obstacles, we are looking forward to many more positive changes on US immigration.

CSI continues to be faithful and hopeful with President Biden’s government – the positive implementation and the changes  will soon start making waves during the last half of the 2021 year until next year.

As part of our commitment to serve immigrants, we continue to help old and new clients as we improve our steps and strategies that will allow them to achieve their own american dreams, too!


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