Immigrant Heritage Month Continues!

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The United States is a nation of immigrants as it holds the largest group of immigrants from every part of
the globe.. Throughout the years, more and more Immigrants are migrating to the US, hoping to have a
better life – to achieve “The American Dream”. Not only have we contributed a lot to this country’s
economy, but through sweat and hard work, we were able to provide for our families and gave them a
good and comfortable life.

Immigrants are the backbone of the workplace and are often needed in different types of occupation.An example of this would be Filipinos who are more well known for their contribution in the healthcare
system. The exceptional care that filipino nurses and caregivers provide almost always make Filipinos
one of the most sought after workers in allied medical fields in other countries, including the US.

It’s no secret that employers want referrals of immigrants due to many immigrants being reliable,
hardworking and preserving despite being in a new country. As we celebrate the Immigration Heritage
Month, let us remember and honor all the immigrants and their sacrifices. May we preserve all of the
values and hardworking spirit with which Immigrants are known for.

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