“Post Covid -19 Pandemic – Getting back to normal??? What’s it going to be like?”

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Perhaps a lot of you have already read, watched the news and predictions saying that the US will reach herd immunity if a considerable amount of people have been vaccinated. Most are still holding on to the hope that everything will return to normal – no masks, no social distancing, where one can hug, and kiss loved ones and friends like before.

The events that have transpired at the onset of Covid-19 Pandemic beginning with the first lockdown in the United States in March 2020 up to the present affected us in many different ways. To some, it created a fear that lingers continuously. Some have become detached from loved ones and friends both physically and emotionally – that they have become insensitive and uncaring.

Now experts have been saying and are quite optimistic that come 4th of July, we can take off our masks in public or wearing them is optional. Mask mandate removal varies from different states. However, one may not wear a mask in public provided that he or she is fully vaccinated.

The US continues its mission in vaccinating the population to avoid contracting the coronavirus that had changed the course of 2020. The year brought a lot of worries especially if everyone can return back to normal after the pandemic. Just like everyone, CSI had to adapt to the new norm during 2020 by creating web sessions to still be connected with old and new clients. Now that the world is slowly getting back on its feet, especially the US. CSI Professionals kept a safe social distance but gradually started meeting clients again in person during the start of 2021 and growing again this Spring. Now, we are more excited to meet all clients again face to face while still practicing rules to keep everyone healthy. There is indeed HOPE after a little struggle. Most importantly, there is WISDOM and light when we almost lost it!




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