How and Why the Rising Hate Crime is Important for Everyone

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2020 was a year filled with twists and turns, the world had to find a way to combat the rising pandemic. Now that the country is slowly regaining its footing by the distribution of the vaccines, the country faces another problem which is the rising hate crimes towards those who are Asian descent. The continuing rise of Asian hate crime has brought more hate incidents such as shunning, slurs and physical attacks. People have brought awareness to these incidents all throughout social media. Others have reasoned that the violent incidents occurring towards Asian Americans are due to the rising anti-Asian sentiment in the US and some have even blamed the past President for this rising anti-Asian sentiment due to his calling of the pandemic during 2020 as the “China virus” and “kung flu”. 

According to a tracker from Stop AAPI Hate, there have been nearly 3,800 incidents involving hate crimes toward Asian Americans that have been reported this past year. With the change of leadership, President Biden has signed into law the Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act, to address the rising rate of anti-Asian attacks on May 20. The bill allows an official at the US Justice Department to prioritize hate crime tracking by designating a Justice Department official to specifically review potential hate crime incidents. It also provides grants for regional law enforcement agencies to set up reporting hotlines, and even offers to train police on how to handle hate crime responses. The bill had passed through Congress with approval from both Republicans and Democrats. This decision shows that a united party can truly prosper with a common goal and deliver for the people. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people in different ways. Some have gotten used to being distant and emotionally detached from others, even to family and friends. That they prefer just being always in front of  the computer. Others have developed mental illnesses such as depression because of being distant from loved ones and from people at work, school, and friends. A lot though are still dissatisfied with distant communication and still longs for human touch and physical presence. Why? Because human beings are born and meant to be equal.

But how did we come to this?  How did we become capable of such violence, such inhumanity? Unless we learn to become more humane with one another, this vicious cycle will continue. “You hurt them…..And they will hurt you back.” IT IS A VICIOUS CYCLE!

We are all human beings. In these times of adversity, let us continue to reach out to one another and show more acts of kindness.

CSI has a good number of clients who are of Asian origin, who come to the United States hoping to have a better life. However probably, they may already have fears in regard to these hate crimes – that they might become victims of it. We trust that our leaders and government agencies will stand up and protect the lives of the innocent ones while the civilians and greater majority will continue to make their voices heard and adhere to what is right and good. 

We will continue to become a voice and advocate for positive change. We will continue to pursue goodness and provide help in any way we can, hoping that by our words and actions, we can influence others to do the same. As we say, CSI Professionals, will be with you, all the way!


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