President Biden First 100 days; what does it mean for our Hopeful Immigrants?

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The first 100 days of the new President are very important as it sets a tone of how the current leadership plans on accomplishing their promises. The Biden administration has achieved some successes toward their promises.  CSI continues to look for updates on the new changes that the current President has in store especially in Immigration. 

In economy, Biden had signed a giant COVID-19 relief package on March 11 to help the population and provide more job opportunities. He has asked for the extended pause on student loan payments and interest for millions with student debt.The Biden administration also promised to increase the minimum wage to $15, ensure that taxes aren’t raised on anyone who is making under $400,000 and has currently unveiled a roughly $2 trillion jobs proposal focused on infrastructure and the climate crisis. 

The Biden administration has gotten more success in helping the nation recover from the pandemic. His administration has also dramatically expedited the distribution of vaccines. Biden’s earlier goal of 100 million coronavirus vaccinations was met on Friday which was the 59th day of his administration. The goal is now 200 million Covid vaccination shots to be given within Biden’s first 100 days in office.

For immigration, Biden has found some success in his goal, he has successfully halted the construction of the border financially, created executive action in protecting the deportation of those who came illegally as children and reversed the travel ban on Muslims. There are still some goals being met such as the administration trying to reunite families who have been separated from the border and trying to restore the Obama administration’s principle of deporting foreigners who are seen as posing a national security threat or who have committed crimes in addition to the crime of illegal entry.

These past 4 months with the new leadership continues to make waves of changes slowly but surely. They continue to bring new hope for the country so let us continue to be hopeful and positive for these changes. CSI will hope that these changes can help the country for the better while along for the American Dream to continue to keep going and flourish. Our doors are always open to anyone who may need opportunities at this time.


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