Celebrating International Women’s Month

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J.Fonda and other celebrities have worn many hats — from broadway, TV and film actors to activist to fitness gurus. Somewhere along the way, J. Fonda’s self-proclaimed “third act,” is her candidly sharing about overcoming her quest for perfection to achieve the ultimate strength a woman can possess: WHOLENESS!

Her inspirational quote for womankind reflects that. For Fonda, wholeness has a dual meaning: first, in being whole without being defined by a partner (a realization she achieved after splitting from her husband, Ted Turner) and second, in accepting and loving your body (an important shift, as she struggled with an eating disorder for decades).

When we relinquish the need for perfectionism and instead see ourselves through a LENS of GRATITUDE, our strength is amplified.

Our very own, MHO, the woman behind the nearly 28 thriving years of CSI, started as an International Student, with limited resources, cultivated the value of grace (under pressure), grit (in all circumstances) and GRATITUDE (on both good & bad) — you may be a Mom, a Doctor, a Bank Teller, a High School Student or a once a brat turned into a neophyte; you have the molding to become a Woman who makes a Difference!
Make every day a Woman’s Day!

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