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Here at CSI Professionals despite the ongoing pandemic, CSI are still grateful to continue and pursue job opportunities for our applicants and clients. A year ago, CSI had continued to open its door to those who need job opportunities despite the growing unemployment rate. It has not been easy but CSI continued to welcome both domestic applicants, and eligible international students (F1) with CPT or OPT and provide internships or job opportunities for other eligible non-immigrant to immigrant categories.

For this 2021 Spring season, the current positions available are for HIRING IMMEDIATELY and with the consideration for employment based petition that involves the following: F1 (International Students with CPT/OPT), J1 (Professional Trainees) and transferable Skills and eligibility to H1b (Specialized Occupation) and LC (Labor Certification) for Green Card under the EB2 (Advanced Degree)  and EB3 (Bachelor’s or its equivalent) Categories.

These job positions are:

  • Administrative Support Intern and General Office Support Staff
    • ( without or with less working experiences but preferably has rendered volunteer or active participating in school events or extra-curricular activities would be a plus)
    • Possess good communication skills both in writing and speaking
    • Creative Know how and putting ideas into implementation would be helpful
    • Organized basic office skills and software are a must (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and use of Social Media related Programs like Photoshop and CANVA are a plus).
  • Accounting Staff and Accountants
    • Business and Accounting related education and work experiences would be a plus
    • Please add foreign or domestic/local experiences or training
  • Barcoding and Inventory / Industrial Relations Support Team
    • Prior Manufacturing and Industrial Relations or work experiences would be a plus, but not necessary
    • Must be willing to be trained and with a “go-getter” attitude
  • Customer Relations and Marketing Support Staff
    • English Proficiency in both oral and written communication is a must
  • Graphics/Media & Communications Team and Support Group
    • College Level and New Graduates are welcome to Apply preferably with a background education in Arts, Communications and Marketing
    • Must have an availability of at least 25+ hours per work week and some weekends during events or when necessary
  • IT or Information Technology with some background in software programming, Data & Marketing analytics
  • Specific Engineering Positions: Electronic and Communications, Industrial, and Computer with some local training or volunteer background may be considered, as well.

For those who are not needing employment-petition, this is a chance for you to reconsider a new path and training as we continuously support and navigate through the ongoing Pandemic and Economic situation.  Send your Resumes now to resumes to info@csi-professionals.com and CC marge@csi-professionals.com and Leahd@csi-professionals.com.   

While CSI continues to provide job opportunities and internships for those who need them during this time, it’s important for mental health to be a priority especially during the ongoing pandemic. CSI’s Mental Health mission is to continue spreading awareness and importance of taking care of one’s self, to alleviate depression in workplace environments by incorporating small group / peer-to-peer discussions, & counseling. Spiritual and recreational activities by forming outside sessions such as hiking, sports or simple sharing and meditation. This can also be applied outside the scope of work duties and day-day stress & demands at work. CSI will strive harder to pursue this goal and immersion as we collaborate with more colleges and universities this Spring. 

With the stacked challenges the last year has brought, CSI has still successfully obtained an above 80% approval rate on cases involving: B2, F1, J1, H1B, Labor Certification to Green Card through employment-petition.

CSI continues to face 2021, with more positive and innovative approaches that would foster camaraderie and a certain degree of stability amongst serious interns and job seekers and the vulnerable businesses employing different positions. Furthermore, if you are a foreign candidate or an international applicant with eligibility, please enlist and contact us immediately through phone call at 818-476-0082  or 213-487-5059; preliminary assessment and interview schedules are to be provided upon receipt of your application letter and statement, as well as your updated resume’.  Your application may be seriously considered for the 2021 – 2022 H1b EXPANDED Program, as we continue to remain optimistic on the direction of legal immigration, for qualified and eligible candidates.

We hope to be given an opportunity to work with you now or in the near future! So send in those resumes and inquiries now.

Our doors are always open to anyone who may need opportunities at this time.

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*(Please note that while these are information gathered on current news; this is reinforced by our opinion and may not be construed as a form of advice)*

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