Our First 100 Days towards the American Dream!

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As the first 100 days of the new President are going by very quickly, CSI continues to look for updates on the new changes that the current President has in store especially in Immigration.

US President Joe Biden is currently rolling out his plans when it comes to his immigration policies and undoing the past actions made by his predecessor. Biden ordered a review on asylum processing at the US-Mexico border last tuesday. He had also ordered a task force to help reunite families that we affected during Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. There have been Immigration advocates that have urged the new Democratic administration to quickly undo Trump’s policies but the Biden team needs time to implement them as it’s a fine line in avoiding illegal immigration when it comes to undoing past policies made. According to US News, “He (Biden) did, however, mandate a review of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), a Trump program that ordered 65,000 asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their U.S. court hearings.” (Hesson, Holland, US News). 

With Biden’s orders made on Tuesday, it’s different when it comes to Trump’s immigration views where he sees asylum seekers as a security threat or an economic drain that plagues the United States. However opposition from the Republicans continue to rise along with lawsuits that can slow down Biden’s agenda. As of last week, a federal judge in Texas had temporarily blocked one of Biden’s first immigration moves which was a 100 day pause on the many deportations. It won’t be an easy task as the task force led by the new head of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who is also the first Latino and immigrant to hold that position. His task will be needing to find more than 600 children who have been separated from their families. Biden’s executive orders on Tuesday also called for a review of Trump’s ‘public charge’ rule where it makes it harder for poorer immigrants to obtain permanent residency in the United States; we will continue to monitor this rule, as it affects the lower income and working class families. These immigrants are as hard working individuals, trying their best to work & study and pursue their dreams. We see the young generation who would be great contributors of the society.

At this time, the pandemic is still making every effort to heal and changes are ongoing. President Biden is very optimistic to progress on changes that can help the country back on its feet. With positive changes, the country is hoping to bring back the very essence of HOPE defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for certain things to happen. With this, we are an integral part in seeing and feeling UNITY & EQUALITY among us.

CSI Professionals will continue to hold on to HOPE; that these changes can help the country for the better!

Even with struggles, we keep thriving and working hard for ourselves, our families and most especially our clients as we help plan their ROADMAP towards the American Dream!

Our doors are always open to anyone who may need opportunities at this time.

Source: https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2021-02-02/biden-to-issue-executive-orders-on-asylum-legal-immigration-separated-families

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