Problems rising due to COVID-19 cases

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CSI Professionals continues to monitor the news about COVID-19 and how the vaccine distribution is currently taking place. With the continuing rising cases, we continue to be patient in being able to receive the new vaccine soon. 

The pandemic continues to wage through the community especially in Los Angeles county. There are more than 7,600 people who are hospitalized in Los Angeles county, according to County Supervisor Hilda Solis who stated, “Hospitals are declaring internal disasters and having to open church gyms to serve as hospital units.” (Meeks, MSN). Currently, ambulance crews in LA County have been told not to take patients with little chance of survival to hospitals. The current memo given to EMS, if the patient hasn’t shown no signs of breathing or a pulse, then the EMS will try to resuscitate the patient for at least 20 minutes. If the patient is stabilized during that time, then they would be taken to a hospital. However if the patient is declared dead at the scene or no pulse can be restored then the paramedics wouldn’t take the patient to the hospital anymore. With the ongoing pandemic, there has been a shortage of supplemental oxygen and so EMS do not have them when treating patients. There is a task force that has been working with local and state partners to try to refill oxygen tanks and get them to the hospitals and facilities most in need by Gov. Gavin Newsom. However with how California is one of the most populous states and currently sits with having the highest COVID-19 cases. However, a major problem now is hospitalization due to there not having anymore rooms for treatment. With the rising cases, the hospitalization problem will continue to affect everyone.  

CSI Professionals advocates to everyone to continue to exercise patience and resilience as our government leaders continue to facilitate the distribution plan concerning the vaccine. While waiting for the distribution of the vaccine, we continue to support and recommend the following safe practices where everyone should be: wearing masks, keeping 6ft distance and making sure to wash your hands, exercise self-care by staying at home & keeping ourselves and family healthy. 


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*(Please note that while these are information gathered on current news; this is reinforced by our opinion and may not be construed as a form of advice)*

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