A New Leader takes Control for a New Future!

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As Inauguration Day has come and gone with a new leader being in place, CSI continues to look for updates on the new changes the new President has in store. 

With the terrifying scene that erupted at the US Capitol on January 6, the capital had braced itself with police and military forces to ensure that the transition of power would have continued smoothly during Inauguration Day. Thankfully, Inauguration Day had taken place with no problems allowing for both President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris to each take the stage and be sworn in. President Biden did not waste any time in creating changes as he had signed 17 executive orders during his first day as he slowly dismantled the former president’s legacy. The first orders contained the US rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization, Biden stopped the construction of the border wall, and reversed the travel ban targeting Muslims countries. According to Press secretary Jen Psaki and other top Biden officials, they had told reporters on the eve of Biden’s inauguration that the first-day actions are part of a series where Biden will undo past policies made by the former president and continue to implement the promises Biden made during his campaign in the first weeks of office. (CNN, Bradner). There will be a series of themes during the next weeks where one day will tackle a specific theme that the Biden administration had planned out. 

Now, Biden has made plenty of changes to help combat COVID-19 which has been to continue testing and ordering for more vaccines for America. He had imposed wearing masks in federal buildings and had enforced a coronavirus response coordinator to oversee the White House’s efforts to distribute vaccines and medical supplies. Another order has been to help boost the economy that has been affected heavily by the pandemic. He has proposed a $1.9 trillion relief package to help the economy and the American public who have been hit the hardest during this time. 

As the pandemic continues and the new president continues to make waves of changes that can help the country back on its feet. As the new leadership is now in session, they bring new hope for the country so let us continue to be hopeful and positive for these changes. CSI will hope that these changes can help the country for the better while along for the American Dream to continue to keep going and flourish. Our doors are always open to anyone who may need opportunities at this time.




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