US EMPLOYMENT & IMMIGRATION; What to expect in 2021

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CSI Professionals continuing assistance in the field of US Employment & Immigration accelerates to a more positive and hopeful 2021! 

Hear and read some forecast and great possibilities:

Nearing the end of 2020, ever wonder if 2021 will be OUR year? Will the administration or policies of America change? Will coronavirus still be the same? Is living in the US as J1, F1 or immigrant easier or harder? Does the economy remain the same? These are questions we hope to be answered next year.

Over the past four years, the Trump Administration has made more than 200 lifetime federal judicial appointments, including three Supreme Court justices, and implemented hundreds of policy changes, many difficult to reverse. But a Biden Administration could improve access to health insurance, beginning with those who lost coverage during the pandemic and create a public health job corps to help with contact tracing and public education. They would also reestablish ties with the World Health Organization and coordinate with the world community. “Big picture, there would be an effort to say, ‘we can’t do this alone here in the United States.’ We are part of a global response to a global pandemic,” Sparer said.

Biden/Harris campaign indicate that we might see the following:

·         Executive Actions.

·         Reversal of Travel Ban Proclamations banning entry from those present in the Schengen area, U.K, Ireland, Brazil, Iran, and China.

·         Reversal of the Ban on the Issuance of Immigrant Visas and Non-immigrant L-1 and H-1 Visas.

·         Reversal of the Ban on Certain Students from China.

·         Reinstatement of the DACA Program.

·         New TPS Designations.

·         Review of Interim Final and Proposed Rules impacting the H-1B and PERM programs.

·         Withdrawal of Guidance Memorandums on Respecting Precedent in Adjudication of USCIS cases.

·         Review of F-1 and J-1 proposed rules on Duration of Status.

·         Additional Funding for USCIS/DOL/DHS.

·         EB-5 Reform – Nullifying the EB-5 Rule and pushing for legislative reform.

·         Withdrawal of Public Charge Attestations from those seeking certain Immigration Benefits.


·         In-depth review of current cases challenging immigration rules and the position of DHS/USCIS/DOJ.


·         Attempts to Pass HR 6 providing relief to DACA and TPS beneficiaries.

·         A push to pass the Elimination of Per Country Quotas – The Fairness in High Skilled Immigration Act.

·         Comprehensive Immigration Reform to include Reform of the NIV and IV Systems.

·         EB-5 Reform – Nullifying the EB-5 Rule and pushing for legislative reform.

While Inauguration Day isn’t until Jan. 20, 2021, and there is a lot to be sorted out between now and then, it is safe to say that a Biden Harris Administration would handle business immigration policy in a dramatically different way.

CSI Professionals will continue to advocate for brighter causes and programs that would support Interns and Job Seekers in various important visa categories and qualified candidates in the following:  CPT|OPT F1, J1, H3, H1B, and LC for EB3 & EB2 qualified candidates.

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