Why Hate & Discrimination Should End

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CSI Professionals has always been and continues to be an equal-opportunity employer, regardless of your race, gender, religion, etc. We provide opportunities to all jobseekers from all walks of life.

The issue of race and discrimination is not just a 21st century issue. It dates to the 1800s during the days of plantations and slavery. The recipients of this injustice are mostly African Americans and Hispanics, or anyone who is not White. For many of them, they have been victims for so many years that it has become the norm for their lives. It should not be this way, but racism has become such a big issue that it is exceedingly difficult to find a solution for it.

Some of the different ways that individuals experience racism are:

  1. An African American man being pulled over by the police, for no probable cause.
  2. A Hispanic man being termed as a “criminal” because of the color of his skin.
  3. A Hispanic woman being looked down upon by her White male coworkers just because of her gender and race.

These are just some of the ways that racism is prevalent in our society today. Everyday, people of color are still being shot and police brutality is still common headline in the news. Our hearts ache each time a headline is shown. Our hope that the world will be a better place now becomes a far-away dream.

We need to do better as a society. We need to begin treating one another like brother and sister. Each person is valuable and deserves to be treated with respect and no one has the right to oppress another person.

We are thankful for the role models that came before us, who fought for the dignity of all people. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, and Nelson Mandela, among many others. Let us draw inspiration and strength from these heroes who advocated for Equality and Justice.

A person’s access to opportunities should not depend upon the color of their skin. Here at CSI Professionals, we believe that every person is capable of succeeding in their career goals. We provide the tools they need to succeed. Lean on us when you’re not strong. CSI is with you all the way!

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