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Pros & Cons of Interning Abroad. (CSI Professionals Inc supports all foreign candidates for Internship and Specialty Occupation, as they reach for their American Dream. ANC News & Balitang America TFC – 2014)

For the last 27 years, CSI Professionals has always been a firm believer of the youths potential to succeed and be globally equipped. One way of achieving this, is to be ready to face the challenges of the world! 

When the young and idealist are bright & fresh, they are filled with so much hope & belief that “Internship” is simply all about good experiences.  What was left unknown for the young interns are the “challenges” that would later mold them to become courageous and sturdy individuals, in any chosen field of expertise.

Interning abroad provides a “level of sophistication”,  so you may also impress professionals in other countries. To some extent, it also becomes a promising  asset for your future career, prestige, and even salary. CSI Professionals Inc can help you find the perfect program so you can be matched with the right one.

To help you prepare for this, we gathered a list of pros and cons of taking an internship abroad:


You become more attractive on the job market
When future employers see your resume complete with an internship abroad, they will immediately highlight you as a unique candidate. Your international internship experience will illustrate that you are passionate, driven, and not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, all qualities that will take you far in the professional world. Also, who knows? The company you’re taking your internship at might even sponsor you in the future, or hire you right after your internship. 

Build an international network
As a young professional, there is nothing better than having connections in your industry. Whether you’re a current student or a recent graduate, the people you meet during your internship will be key connections for you in your career. If you hope to move abroad in the future, they become even more essential.

Communication skills
One of the top benefits of having an internship abroad is that they enable you to develop your communication skills in a diverse, cross-cultural setting. The ability to communicate effectively with people from different cultures will serve you well throughout your career.

If you love traveling and exploring new places, an internship abroad is a perfect opportunity to see and experience more of the world.

Learn a new language
Students who intern in a country that speaks a different language have a particular advantage if they take the opportunity to become fluent in that language. In addition to being more appealing to potential employers, those who know more than one language earn more on average. A foreign language has also been named the hottest job skill in the past because of the increasing job opportunities for bilingual speakers.

Personal, academic, and professional growth
Jumping into a new culture is not easy, it can be very challenging but it’s worth taking. Great things happen outside of comfort zones. You will push the boundaries of what you’re capable of and grow in independence, giving you confidence to take on even bigger challenges in the future. These inter-cultural learning experiences will make you stronger and more resilient as a person and a professional.


By studying abroad, you’re choosing to pack up your things and leave your family, friends, home, comfort zone and everything in between. But no worries, you can always call them on the phone, facetime or zoom or visit them during the holidays. Technology has brought channels that would always make us feel at home. 

Culture shock is real!
Adapting a new culture is not always easy. The first few weeks or months are the toughest part as you try to settle down and figure your way around to blend in with the locals. But once you’ve adjusted, you’ll realize that experiencing new cultures and traditions are actually fun.

You will be on your own
You may find yourself walking into an office with other interns who have been there for several months already, and it can be intimidating to try to make friends when there is an established group dynamic. Even outside the office, you’re in a completely different community. Your family and friends are faraway from you so you can only depend on yourself. But after awhile, you will learn how to get along with other people and be a strong independent person. 

Cost expensive
For some students who don’t have a place to stay in the country where they plan on taking their internship is a challenge because it can cause a lot of money to pay rent, bills, transportation, food, and more. 

Sometimes getting an internship or being an intern is more competitive. This competition becomes fierce when the organization is a well paying one.

Although the economy has more competitions and more positions, it becomes a real job. Thus an internship should be a valuable position and also a good experience.

CSI continues to support and advocate International Students and Foreign Workers with their goal now that interning abroad is becoming more important in today’s global job markets. We add weekly info and web interview sessions for new applicants since the start of the Pandemic.  We still continue to meet clients on scheduled one-on-one meetings, when needed, by exercising CDC regulations. You may call us at 818-476-0082 & 213-487-5059 or email us at info@csi-professionals.com.

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