CSI Professionals on Maintaining Positivity for Upcoming, Returning Students, & Graduates!

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CSI Professionals reaches another milestone in its 27th year in the employment and placement industry during the most unprecedented time due to COVID 19. We continue to remain hopeful and committed to our services to interns, professional trainees and other job seekers. 

As students are returning or entering school this fall semester, it is back to online sessions as the pandemic continues to a big issue. Unlike the first half of 2020 and when the pandemic had started to spread quickly, schools shifted their attention into using online classes in order to continue the spring semester safely. Now, fall semester has begun and schools have adapted to online classes much better compared to the first few months of the pandemic. Since students are staying at home still due to the pandemic and doing online classes, it can be difficult or easy for them regardless. 

Negative sides that students can be facing are:

  • Not being able to meet face to face with their professors for lectures
  • Social interactions are not often
  • Not being able to attend events hosted by the school.
  • Finding a suitable study spot at home 
  • Students aren’t learning easily through online
  • Being unmotivated

Positive sides that students have:

  • Safe at home
  • More flexible schedule in doing work
  • Mental and physical health has improved
  • Able to work or create hobbies and interests
  • Being accountable for their learning
  • Learned to be more organized   

Some helpful tips in staying positive and motivated during the fall semester would be to be organized and plan your schedule for the day, don’t forget to take breaks, create a study space suited for your learning, get fresh air while wearing a mask, reward yourself and maintain positivity.

Aside from students returning back to school through online who might be going through a difficult time, it’s also going to be difficult for the recently graduated university students as they start their own careers after college. 

Despite this difficult time, CSI Professionals continues to open its door to those who need job opportunities during this difficult time especially for the newly graduated university students. CSI welcomes both domestic applicants, and eligible international students (F1) with CPT or OPT in Accounting, Marketing & Communications and other specific IT Related Specializations.

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