What CSI Can Do For You When Internship is Being Cancelled?

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Here at CSI Professionals despite the ongoing pandemic, we are still grateful to continue and pursue job opportunities to our applicants and clients. 

Before the pandemic came in full force, students have applied for many internships to keep them busy and allow students to get a feel of what their future jobs might be. However, since COVID-19 has appeared, many employers had to rethink or pause on their hiring plans. With this news, a lot of students were left without internships due to the internships being canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. According to a survey done by a career platform called Handshake, more than one third of college students had their internship canceled in April while 24% had their internships continue but through virtual platforms which can lead to its own challenges (Dienst, Johnson CNN). Career advisors and hiring managers had suggested to students, who were sitting at home since their internships were canceled, that they should take the opportunity to use their skills to adapt, get creative and learn new skills. Whether that would be freelancing opportunities, taking courses to improve your skills and build more of a skill set, or even doing your own project. 

Internship was canceled then you should do these things:

  • Take an online course: During the summer, companies are offering intern development programs despite the ongoing pandemic. Students can learn how businesses operate and key areas where students can find valuable experiences to build their resume and figure out what they want to do. Through different online platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and Mediabistro allow students to build their skill sets.
  • Start your own project: Even if you missed the sign update for an online class then you can create your own project that has been waiting for you to explore it. This can help impress a future employer rather than waiting for the right experience to find you. 
  • Volunteer: Volunteer opportunities are a great option to continue to help build your skill set while also helping a community in need. The American Red Cross and the AARP are actively searching for volunteers to assist with relief efforts and fill in for vacancies during the pandemic. Doing volunteering can show the employers that you have a desire to make an impact and continue to be productive.
  • Focus on finding a job: Despite the things going on in the world, career advisors and hiring managers want to remind people that the situation isn’t forever but that you just need to adapt and focus on the goal of being hired. Even though some internships are not for you as it might not be in the field of your major, you should still branch out as it can help you find where your skills can be of use and it can even be an opportunity for you in a different industry that you might not have thought of at the time.

Even though your Summer Internship was cancelled, there is always the upcoming Autumn/Fall Season to look forward to. CSI Professionals continues to open its door to those who need internships and job opportunities during this difficult time. You can see it as a way for you to build new skills or even improve skills you have and maybe find a new opportunity in a different field that you did not envision for yourself. 

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/07/what-do-you-do-when-your-summer-internship-is-canceled.html

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