CSI Professionals’ Take on Trump vs. Biden

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As tensions build within the Presidential campaigns, CSI continues to update our clients and friends, as the outcome will affect and determine future immigration policies.

November 3 is just around the corner, when American voters will decide who will get to become the next President of the United States.

President Trump is being challenged by Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who was former President Obama’s VP and has been in politics since the 1970s. During the next few weeks approaching Election Day, polling companies will be monitoring the mood of the nation by asking voters which candidate they prefer.

Although national polls depict the popularity of candidates, they do not necessarily determine the outcome of the elections. A good example of this is the Trump/Hilary elections in 2016. However, Joe Biden has been ahead of Trump in the national polls since the start of the year. The US uses the electoral college system to elect its president and each state is give a number of votes based on how many members they send to Congress – House and Senate. Since it is a total of 538 votes, a candidate need 270 votes to win the election.

For right now, it seems that Joe Biden is in the lead in the national polls, but things can change quickly between now and November 3.

The pandemic affected the elections. The public’s response to Trump’s decisions has been split. He recently made $50 billion available to states to stop the spread of the virus, so the support for his approach peaked after this in March. However, by July, his supporters began to question his response to the pandemic.

After the 2016 Elections, trust in the polls has been rocky. The pollsters did have problems back then, however, most polling companies have corrected this now. There is now more uncertainty due to the pandemic and its effect on the economy and how people will vote in November.

During these uncertain times, CSI will always advocate for the minority populations in the United States. These are our clients and friends, who just desire to provide for their families and contribute to the U.S. economy. No matter who wins the Presidential race, let us continue to be hopeful and positive. Our doors are always open to anyone who may need opportunities at this time. Lean on us when you’re not strong. CSI is with you all the way!

Source Article: https://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2020-53657174  

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