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The USCIS announced that for the month of October 2020, applicants for adjustment of status for the employment-based category may file the I-485 applications according to the Filing Date Charts.

All priority dates EB2/EB3, particularly for the Philippines and some other countries, are current starting October or by next week. This is good news for our current clients from various countries!

Filing Date Chart now in the Philippines and other countries:

While this may be temporary, our offices and our partner experts are highly recommending us to proceed with processing as early as NOW!

However, there would be a lot of paperwork and preparation between now until October 8, 2020. We barely have less than 2 weeks to prepare.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATES FROM AUTHORIZED USCIS DOCTORS AND LISTINGS ARE PROVIDED at https://www.uscis.gov/. We will ONLY ACCEPT medical certificates at least 10 business days prior to the anticipated submission of I-485 with USCIS. We have no control on USCIS medical certificate cancellation, expiration, delay, or added request. Everyone is encouraged to find a USCIS-authorized Doctor that would conform with changes at a nominal fee, should USCIS request for a new examination during the future I-485 interview process. DO NOT REQUEST OR PROVIDE ANY MEDICAL CERTIFICATES AHEAD OF TIME, AS WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HONOR IT, FOR THE ABOVE REASONS.

We expect an influx of clients trying to catch advanced filing and to avoid being trapped in a retrogression, which means, be ready with the immediate dues. As we all know, USCIS’ retrogression is beyond our and the law offices jurisdiction; it is typically announced by USCIS without a warning. Let us use this opportunity and helpful information now that USCIS gave all of us at least a few days in advance to prepare for the adjustment of status or I-485.

For now, please email us with your questions; and for scheduling of discussion and visits, please wait for our notices between September 30th until October 2nd, so we could address everyone’s concern, accordingly.

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