Remembering 9/11: Resilience, Kindness, & Compassion

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On this day, our CSI Family takes a moment of silence to remember the victims of the tragic event of 9/11, as we remember closely that day that placed even Los Angeles in a moment of darkness and grief. For those who lost a loved one in the event, the pain cuts deeper and will remain as a wound that will never quite get healed. When we look at the place where the Twin Towers once stood, it is eerie to remember what was once there and the tragic event that occurred. Since then, we have seen how our country came together as one during one of the darkest moments in history.

This example teaches us the same lesson today. This global pandemic came like a ton of bricks for our world. Despite lost lives to Covid-19, unemployment, financial insecurity, etc., we come together and support each other through this hardship. 

After almost two decades, we are now in a test of human resilience, sacrifices, kindness, and compassion. Maybe, this Pandemic brought us back to the same message of pain, sufferings, and heartbreak that may help us remember the meaning of compassion, empathy, kindness, and service, not only for ourselves but as well as for others. That we do not live for ourselves alone, but the actual meaning of understanding and sharing with others, who may need us most.

At CSI, as we were a part of history that unfolded during the 9/11 tragedy, we are faithful and confident that we will continue to give our best talents in helping those who are in need of internships, jobs, and other forms of assistance related to employment-petition.

May the examples of the late heroic firefighters, police officers, and civilians teach us what it looks like to sacrificially help others in need. To all those who lost their lives in 9/11: We will always remember and keep you in our hearts. And to those who lost loved ones: We stand in support with you. We will #NeverForget.

“September 11 is one of our worst days, but it brought out the best in us. It unified us as a country and showed our charitable instincts and reminded us of what we stood for and stand for.” – Lamar Alexander

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