How the COVID Crisis is Redefining Jobs

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Like many other companies and as we celebrate our 27th year in the employment and immigration industry, CSI Professionals was and continues to be affected by the ongoing Covid-19 onslaught.

Still, we continue to persevere and thrive for the good of our clients, friends and most especially our families. We continue also to stay tuned on all Covid-19 public advisory updates.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought along the new normal of work-from-home, skeletal, and restricted social distancing policies. These have changed the way we work and interact with each other and sometimes making it less impersonal, than we were used. Indeed, with a company like ours who focuses on human relations and personnel services, this is a major adjustment.

Many employees are performing tasks they have not done before. Leaders now have an opportunity to rearrange the work and have their employees take on different responsibilities to respond to the evolving needs of the company. Aside from surviving businesses who tries to manage their day to day needs, we keep in mind and prioritize the safety and job security of our employees, too.

Below are three ways shift work, talent, and skills to where they are needed most, thereby building the resilience and agility necessary to navigate uncertain times:

  1. Make work portable across the organization: This enables workers to utilize their skills in other types of work to contribute and make a difference.
  2. Accelerate automation: This can increase reliability, promote work safety, and handle spikes in demand.
  3. Share employees in cross-industry talent exchanges: By temporarily moving employees without work into industries who have an excess of work (health, logistics, retail stores, etc.), this will avoid costs associated with furloughing and help workers develop news skills and networks.

The changes in our world during the past few months have not kept us from continuing to thrive with our clients. We will continue to find ways to improve life for clients and job seekers alike. Our doors are always open to anyone who may need opportunities at this time.  CSI provided weekly interview sessions for various positions and internships from the start of Pandemic and until now. You may reach out to us or follow us on social media collaterals provided below, for upcoming hiring and interview sessions. As a way of giving back to the community on our 27th Year, CSI will be giving away some Covid-19 Protection Kits starting September 22, 2020

Lean on us when you’re not strong. CSI is with you all the way!

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