Where Things Stand in the Presidential Race

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As tensions build within the Presidential sphere, CSI continues to update our clients and friends, as the outcome will affect and determine future immigration policies.

100 Days into the Presidential race, it seems that Trump’s chances of reelection may be threatened. The country is not pleased with how he has handled the pandemic so far.

Today, there are 4 million cases of Covid-19, compared to the 1 million cases just 100 days ago. There are about 140,000 fatalities, according to the COVID Tracking Project. 100 days ago, about 30,000 had died from the virus. Despite the talk about returning jobs, today unemployment remains in the double digits.

Both candidates (Biden and Trump) are holding low-key and safe campaign events. Trump’s disapproval rate among Americans is 56%. There is still also a national debate over race and policing, leading to continued protests. Biden has discussed systemic racism and proposed a $300 million allocation for community policing and standard use of force guidelines.

Poll this year show that Biden is in the lead in Presidential race. We may see a Democratic majority in the House. However, we will need to await the outcome in November of this year.

During these uncertain times, CSI will always advocate for the minority populations in the United States. These are our clients and friends, who just desire to provide for their families and contribute to the U.S. economy. No matter who wins the Presidential race, let us continue to be hopeful and positive. Our doors are always open to anyone who may need opportunities at this time. Lean on us when you’re not strong. CSI is with you all the way!

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Source Article: https://spectrumnews1.com/ky/lexington/politics/2020/07/27/100-days-out–where-things-stand-in-the-presidential-race

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