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As CSI PROFESSIONALS Reaches another milestone on its 27th Year this September, we would like to redefine the symbol of hope as we continue to navigate through these uncertainties.

As the summer heat turns up, so does the heat of the obstacles of 2020. It is no doubt that this year has been chaotic. The sudden pandemic has caused companies, job seekers, and interns to adjust to the new normal of social distancing and working remotely, among many others. Covid-19 has forever changed the workplace. With the surge of Covid-19 cases, we saw the unemployment rate of 20.5 million in the United States. Many Americans lost jobs because of companies cutting down their staff. We are more than halfway through this most challenging year, not just for America, but for the world!

Another hot topic is the Presidential Election. In about 3 months, we are facing a new chapter that may also “redefine” America and our future. There has been plenty of political tension between both sides. There has also been attempts to prevent International Students from advancing in their career. Some current issues are the Dreamers/DACA on its “Red & Green – On & Off” signals from the government and the unresolved inconsistent stand of our President and other leaders on how to STOP the death rates in Covid-19 cases. To top it off, how should they balance the economy during this tumultuous time and think of the welfare of our people?

We have all had to figure out this changing season with all its twists and turns. But we must face the fact that this will be our new normal. The world will never be the same as it was before Covid-19 era. Unfortunately, this is reality for us, and we need to keep moving forward like an Army always ready to face the battlefield.

YES, WHILE WE CERTAINLY AGREE THAT this season has been challenging, we are continuously inspired to have seen some signs of hope on our Labor Cert. Applicants and Adjustment of Status cases; our aspiring well-qualified and deserving candidates.

Just today, we heard the testimonial of Michael and Shirley with their only child, Kaylee. They have reached success despite health challenges, hardships, and hurdles. Everything in between, to now is an Inspiration and truly a sign of HOPE. When we recall their faces visiting our old corporate offices in the year 2014, it was filled with uncertainties, but they desired to reach their dream. At that time, their only daughter was still in a stroller that would occupy our waiting area. Slowly, this child grew up and became one of our CSI babies. The journey in-between was not at all easy because just last year, the family faced a different trial. Shirley got very sick and is still trying to recover. With God’s grace, we see in them a picture of Wisdom, Hope, and Prosperity!

Through all the challenges of 2020, we, your CSI Family will remain sturdy for you, unaffected by unnecessary issues and just simply looking and working forward to the Rebirth of HOPE. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

CSI will always reach out to those in need of internships and jobs in this difficult season. Our doors are always open to all. Lean on us when you’re not strong. CSI is with you all the way and we will help you Carry ON!

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We will follow the recurring Web ID and Password Below for Participants but please submit your Resume’s at and cc and prior to the Interview Sessions. See Zoom details:, Meeting ID: 627 982 2753, Passcode: 503244

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*(Please note that while these are information gathered on current news; this is reinforced by our opinion and may not be construed as a form of advice)*

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