Are Virtual Jobs Fairs Worth The Attendance?

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Pro&Con Article

CSI Professionals met new faces through career fairs and other events to provide opportunities and make connections. Since the pandemic is still ongoing, schools or other events cannot hold job fairs/career fairs, they have worked around it to keep everyone safe. We continue to monitor the news on the rising cases of COVID-19, as a result of businesses returning back to office, so we have shifted into using video interview sessions in order to continue making connections and providing new opportunities for public’s safety. During this time of pandemic, companies have been relying on virtual fairs to find new and promising applicants to meet and provide job opportunities. Before the pandemic, we have relied on events such as job fairs or career fairs but now it’s very different. Of course there can be pros and cons to attend these events which we have found through different sources


  • Easy Access: You can join easily with any electronic device that has internet access.

  • Cost-Saving: Costs of attending virtual fairs are lower compared to in person events as virtual fairs do not have no venue fees, no travel involved, and they require much less staff to execute.

  • More Connection: Virtual career fairs allow you to have multiple, private conversations at once. Since everything takes place online, you can chat with multiple candidates at once.

  • Improved recruitment marketing: Virtual career fairs can improve the efficiency of your recruitment marketing efforts as you can send information to your targeted clients.


  • Lack of face-to-face: Can’t always get a sense of the person being interviewed/speaking too.

  • Video quality: Not being able to hear people well, bad connections, and issues with downloading apps to connect to the career fair.

  • Short time frame: Not enough time to speak with clients where the video chat would be timed and it will cut your video call.

  • Not a lot of people have or use electronic devices or have internet access.

Like stated before, it depends on your preference and experience with using virtual events. Virtual events are needed currently as it can allow for people to connect through difficult times and find different opportunities. However people also don’t have access to the internet nor have electronic devices.  CSI very much supports the use of virtual job fairs as we want to advocate for everyone’s safety during these times and hope that you also keep in mind about everyone’s health and safety as well.

For us at CSI Professionals, we love attending school career fairs or organizations events and having face to face interactions with students, job hunters and our own clients. But we have found a way to still provide information and opportunities through social media platforms and our interview sessions because we want to show that we care for everyone’s safety during these times.

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