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Dear Applicant,

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy.

Join our professional exchange program and explore opportunities! This is Open for Business, Science & Technology, and Arts majors.

Gain experience, learn about other cultures, work with different people and most of all, learn from them.

The GOOD NEWS is, CSI Professionals Inc. is now on its RE-HIRING Season for Professional and Exchange Trainees (J1).

We now have the option to start accepting J1 & J2 Professional Work Trainees again under a change of status (COS). Change of Status (COS) would be prioritized at this time, if applicants are eligible. The US Department of State and USCIS, as a result and relief due to COVID-19, are now back to the process of accepting qualified work trainees and so far, the agency did not specify any cap, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Only those who are currently maintaining their non-immigrant status through B1/B2, J1, H’s, are physically here in the US, and eligible to adjust their status, are considered to apply. In some instances, we may accept F1/F2 current status to change to J1/J2.
  • With 4 year Bachelor’s Degree, at least 1 year of work experience and training. These are a minimum requirements.
  • J1 may be valid for 18 months, and with a possible extension of 9 more months as a result of Covid-19 interruption.

The J1/J2 Work & Training Program is an excellent alternative to continue the company’s intent to pursue and extend job training to qualified non-immigrant interns, trainees, and workers, especially during this difficult time.

If you are still in the country trying to complete your preliminary documents or are still in the process of deciding on your intent to work lawfully in the US as a professional trainee and eventually to pursue Permanent Employment Status or Green Card, we encourage you to start submitting missing items and to coordinate with us, immediately.

Feel free to reach out to us with your questions and clarifications by calling us at (818) 476-0082 and (213) 487-5059 or email us at info@csi-professionals.com, leahd@csi-professionals.com and make sure to cc Ms. Marge at marge@csi-professionals.com




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