Good Manners Matter!

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Everywhere you go, good manners and etiquette are the top qualities that parents used to always raise their children with. However, in recent years, this value has been forgotten.

Instead of having empathy for other people, it has become a “me-me-me” culture. However, the culprit is not only social media use. Most of this can be attributed to how parents raise their children. Most adults have not passed down the age-old values to their children. Some young people might wonder “What is the big deal about good manners?”

“Etiquette matters because it truly is a part of our everyday lives,” Swann said. “It is not so much about how you use your fork and knife at the table, but it’s more about putting others at ease… Image is everything and how you present yourself, not only physically, but behaviorally, is incredibly important. You only get to make one first impression.” (Swann, P.10).

It is important to be thoughtful, cheerful, generous, cooperative, and helpful. Do not be bossy, put people down, or say rude things. Respect other’s privacy and take care of personal property.

Good manners are simply the act of considering the well-being of others. It is the essence of being human.

At CSI Professionals, internships and jobs foster good manners and etiquette in workplace. Not only can strangers’ benefit from it, but other employees and supervisors.

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