Schools Stand with International Students in Time of Crisis

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Since CSI opened its doors in 1995, a good number of our qualified trainees have been International students. Since then, they have made contributions to our partner companies and inspired us with their discipline, hard work, and exceptional abilities.

Since the recent news about International students has come out last week, schools and allies alike are standing up for these remarkable students. Hundreds of universities and big tech companies are pushing back against the order. The supporting groups argues that remote classes are crucial due to the COVID-19 precautions. We cannot be negligent on health, as well as disregard the right of these qualified individuals to experience school and training in our country, filled with hope and promising opportunities. Their families sacrificed a lot in terms of sending their children to the best colleges in the U.S., only for them to be thrown out of the country, without much consideration and empathy to the world’s situation, safety, and health.

The two schools to begin this legal challenge by suing the administration over the new policy are Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“More than 1 million international students take courses in the U.S. — about 5% of the total student body,” according to the Institute of International Education. (P. 5).

ICE’s new policy greatly affects the interests of both higher education institutions and their students, all of whom were already planning for the Fall 2020 school year. The schools are asking the federal court to put the government’s proposal on hold, until the courts can rule on its legality.

At the start of COVID-19, schools across the country struggled to move their classes online and make big adjustments about the Fall term. The administration’s new policy can be catastrophic to many schools.

International students not only make many contributions to campuses across the country by creating diversity, they also contribute to the U.S. economy. Without International students, businesses will suffer. They help lead the country in innovation.

Several schools who have filed lawsuits are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, John Hopkins University, and the University of California system, joined by attorney generals in 16 states.

However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Today, on a warm Tuesday, the Trump administration rescinded this policy. The White house now plans to have it apply to new students. This news is a relief to more than 1 million international students in the United States. In the end, justice always prevails.

CSI will always stand by International students, pushing back against anything that might threaten their educational advancement. Our doors are always open to any International student who may need opportunities at this time. Lean on us when you’re not strong. CSI is with you all the way!

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