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COVID-19 has affected a lot of things these past few months, one of the things that got affected the hardest by the pandemic were small businesses. Research showed that small businesses owned by women, POC (people of color) and immigrants were the ones being affected most. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research study, the number of active businesses owners in the country had dropped by 22% from 15 million to 11.7 million (Meyer, FastCompany). As the pandemic continues, data showed that the hardest hit small business owners were African American at 41%, Latinx at 32, Asian at 26%, Immigrant at 36% and Female at 25% (Meyer, FastCompany)

These business owners shown on the data had suffered much more due to being in industries that were battered by the pandemic. These industries were construction, restaurants, hospitality, and transportation. The study came from data used from April when the US had felt the impact of the pandemic causing things like staying at home measurements that caused big and small businesses to close. According to author and economics professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz stating that, “More permanent mass closures of small businesses in the United States are likely to have a dramatic effect on employee job losses, further income inequality, and contributing to a prolonged recession,” (Meyer, FastCompany)

Being that CSI Professionals Inc is a small business and is run by an Asian immigrant, who understands the struggle of running the ins and outs of a business as well as the plight of the employees and workers. These reasons further pushes CSI’s drive to better provide opportunities despite the hard times. During these times, it helps to support local, small businesses and bring awareness to them to help them get through the pandemic. A way on how you can support CSI Professionals Inc during COVID-19 is by helping promote our services to your friends and family who require our employment assistance which can be seen through our social media posts. You can share your experience on how we were able to assist you in gaining and keeping your job while also navigating through your immigration status. Our applicants have shared their placement experiences through our testimonials, comments on posts, reviews, zoom and web interview sessions.

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