Happy 122nd Philippine Independence Day!

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CSI Professionals Inc. congratulates all Filipinos across the globe on the 122nd Philippine Independence Day. The battle for freedom for the Philippines was not won easily. It took years of struggle before we gained liberation for our people. Through the years, we have established our small but humble country. We have immigrated to various parts of the world and established successful careers with hard work. We pride ourselves in our values of hard work, family, and dedication, all are the pillars of our humanity.

CSI’s Filipino clients are the true definition of Resilience. From immigrating to a different land to pursuing the American dream, they have overcome many trials and came out stronger and successful. We celebrate and honor Filipinos across the globe, not only today but every day.

Just as the Filipinos here in the US have struggled, fought, and survived the “journey” in living the American Dream, today is your day to celebrate & enjoy the life that this land of opportunity has to offer. And to our Kababayans here in the US, Happy Immigration Independence Day! “ANO mang layo ang nanarating: Singapore, Australia, Europe o America, babalik-at babalik ka rin.”

Let us be proud to be Pinoys! Mabuhay!

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