Famotidine: A Treatment for Covid 19? NY Hospitals Are Studying

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In New York hospitals, Famotidine, a heartburn medicine, is being given to Covid-19 patients to determine if it will help combat the virus. The preliminary results of the clinical trial could come out in the next two weeks, said Dr. Kevin Tracey. 187 patients have enrolled in the clinical trials so far, out of a goal of 1,200 patients. There have been examples in history where a medicine for a disease turned out to be a cure for another disease or virus, says Dr. Tracey. The great thing is that Famotidine is generic and inexpensive. Although this seems like a step in the right direction, we are not sure if this will really work or have benefits.

Dr. Tracey and his colleagues initiated the trials because they saw that patients in China were doing better from taking the medicine than those who didn’t receive the drug. Additionally, Famotidine showed up in the top list of drugs that may fight coronavirus, according to Florida-based Alchem laboratories.

When the trials started in April, hydroxychloroquine was the main medicine of choice for doctors and patients. As a result, half of the “patients in the study will be given Famotidine in addition to hydroxychloroquine.” (Cohen, P.11). However, hydroxychloroquine may not be used in the study after all, due to its side effects. For now, the study will be kept quiet, as there would need to be precautions put in place.

“That’s the reality of trying to do the right thing in a pandemic. It’s very, very hard,” Dr. Tracey said. (Cohen, P.17).

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*Source Article: https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/27/health/famotidine-coronavirus-northwell-trial/index.html*


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