States Lifting Lockdown with Quirky Safety Measures

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States such as Louisiana have allowed restaurants, stores or other businesses to reopen last Friday. This caused the biggest one-day push to get the economies up and running again. Store owners have come up with their own quirky restrictions to maintain safety and to make sure the coronavirus doesn’t come running back. In Louisiana, people can eat at restaurants again but they have to sit outside at a table that is 10 feet apart with no waiter service. In the state of Maine, residents could attend church services but they have to stay in their cars. While in a mall located in Nebraska had reopened with a plexiglass or an acrylic barrier and hand sanitizing stations for shoppers. 

According to ABC News, the first drug that is shown to help fight COVID-19 had won emergency approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. “In a major study, remdesivir shortened patients’ recovery time from 15 days to 11 on average and may have also reduced deaths.” (McConnaughey & Schulte, ABC News). The virus has killed more than 230,000 people worldwide which forced lockdowns that have ended factories and businesses, throwing millions of people out of work and drastically dropped the world’s economies. Now, the crisis is stabilizing in Europe and many places in the US, countries and states are slowly easing the restrictions despite all the warnings from health officials that a second wave could hit again. Businesses such as nail, hair salons, barbershops, gyms, daycare centers, dentists have reopened in Colorado, Wyoming and Maine. Hotels near South Carolina beaches opened and state parks were opened again along with Myrtle Beach but with restrictions for hotels there. Texas’ reopenings started but with small crowds at shopping malls and restaurants at 25% capacity in most places. In Gretna, Louisiana, Gattuso’s Restaurant hosted a birthday celebration that had outdoor tables that were screened by plants in wooden planters 5 ft high. While in Omaha, Nebraska, there were half a dozen shoppers in the Nebraska Crossing mall but most were all wearing masks. 

Around the country, protests continue to demande governors to reboot the collapsing economy. In Chicago’s Thompson Center, there were more than a 100 people protesting to end the lockdown that Governor J.B Pritzker announced. However the Illinois governor will hold his ground and not lift his orders until it is safe to do so. States such as New Mexico, New York, Washington and Michigan will continue to hold stay at home orders. Hopefully when businesses slowly continue to open that they’ll enforce rules to prevent the spread between the customers. Time will tell when it will be safe enough without the virus looming over and hitting a second time. 

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