Businesses are pressuring to Reopen. How will workers be protected during COVD-19?

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UV Light Article

As businesses are allowing their workers to come back, the question now is how these workers would be protected in the workforce as COVID-19 is still in play. One company has resorted to using UV light body scanning to better protect his workforce. It might be weird for these workers as the machine might remind you of being checked in to airport security but this might be the new normal now. The creator is physicist Fred Maxik who claims that it “safely uses ultraviolet lights to kill bacteria and viruses.” (Replogle, CNN)  Fred Maxik claims that it is a very quick process that takes up to 12-20 seconds of walking into the machine, raising your arms and turning around that is said to be able to deactivate the virus from your body. However it raises a concern if it really does stop these viruses after being under the UV lights. UV lights are toxic and have been told to not be useful when it comes to being a disinfectant. It’s not stopping Maxik as he will continue to spread the usefulness of his machine as he believes that it’s not harming the body in any way making it usable in the human environment (Maxik, CNN). Other scientists such as Donald Milton disagree with the use of UV lights as he’s suspicious about the little use of the light which causes him to wonder how strong the light is. Milton is also worried that this might bring a false sense of security and would rather continue social distancing and sanitizing yourself and the environment. Christian Pinkston who is the investor of the machine that Maxik invented hopes to use the UV machine to better protect his workers when it is allowed to come to work again fully. According to Maxik, his invention has been getting orders from other companies. Technology might add some reassurances when the time comes but it’s no means a way to prevent COVID-19 for workers. 


As Covid-19 continues on, business owners are re-opening despite many government officials telling people not to leave their houses during this time. This has been forthcoming as over the weeks, people have been protesting over being able to return to their lives despite the ongoing cases of Covid-19. People believe it’s their right to return to work rather than staying home.


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