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Interns Kris and Kaylee sat down with the Audit & Compliance Consultant, Mr. Rene M. from FCA Legal Funding. They discussed what employers and supervisors look for in a prospective intern or employee.

1. Is having the initiative something you value when it comes to looking for or interviewing someone? Is this type of person valuable in the company?

On the initial interview, I am not looking for it. Firstly, I try to understand the person sitting across from me. A Resume though, is a must. Lack of Resume means the person is not prepared. However, upon hiring, that is when I look for initiative. And yes of course, this type of person is valuable to the company. If an intern does not have initiative, he/she is not as useful as people who do have initiative.

2. Why is having a “positive attitude” a good thing to have in interns, trainees, and in employees? How would you, as the employer, figure out if a certain trainee has a positive attitude?

This trait is what I look for because having a “positive attitude” says a lot about an intern. If a person is optimistic, they are interested in the company and not just looking for a job. It shows because they smile when they are happy at the company. It is good to have an interview and upon hiring, it is a plus factor. I would zero-in on the attitude of the person. If they do not have a “positive attitude”, then it is a negative score. Skills are taught, knowledge can be shared, but the positivity only comes from you, and is a part of who you are. As a supervisor, I observe body language, listening, and understanding. I look for people who are “in the moment”, can pay attention quickly, and quick in absorbing details.

3. Entrepreneurs always try to figure out new ways when it comes to completing tasks. Do you believe that these kinds of candidates would contribute to your company’s growth and values? How?

I look for people who are problem-solvers. It is almost like the saying, “Are you a part of the problem or part of the solution?” Problem-solvers are needed in the workplace rather than one who complains about things.

4. Why do you think some people are not successful when it comes to being results-oriented? How can we teach someone to become result-oriented?

I look for people who are self-starters and independent. Self-starters find steps to complete the task and develop expertise in the topics. For example, during my own training, I came up with shortcuts on my own to finish my task. A person must be conscious of the timetable and be able to finish the task in the day. They must also be guided by procedures and guidelines and not stray from that.

5. How can you tell if a candidate is a team player? What would you do to assess teamwork when it comes to hiring new employees?

I need to hear from them, silence is useless. You must be involved and speak about your approval or disapproval. They need to communicate with the team to accomplish the task. When assessing the trait of teamwork on a new employee, I look for someone who can be in the moment, understands the guidelines, and is not clueless. Teamwork can be shown through how the person worked with everyone.

6. When interviewing candidates, can you tell when a candidate will be reliable after being hired? How?

Many times, candidates will say things to get hired and once they get the job, it does not match. It is important to assess and determine the real vs. the fake.
I ask for the results on projects they have worked on. I do not like exaggerated words and pronouncements. The interview is important.

7. Once an intern, trainee, or employee has gotten hired for your company, do they continue to have a desire to learn or they become complacent after the initial hire day has passed?

It depends on the situation and the person. There is no room to be complacent. The desire to learn can be diagnosed early on. If I see that the person becomes complacent, then I will not continue with the training. What I appreciate about CSI Professionals is that they can filter the good candidates from the bad. Every candidate should have the will to learn.

To end this, Interns Kaylee and Kris thanked Mr. Rene for a brief but very engaging and informative interview. It was inspiring for beginners to hear it directly from managers and supervisors, whom they thought from the beginning were either unreachable or intimidating. Basically, hearing it directly from hiring people like Mr. Rene gave way to an engaging interview and hope for the continuing, and even future interns like Kris and Kaylee.

Mr. Rene

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