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As COVID-19 continues to affect the daily lives of many people all over the world. This has raised a lot of questions about healthcare and to prevent the spread of the virus. This has caused many events to be canceled to prevent the spread and protect the people. This has also taken a toll on employment rates as many businesses have sent their workers to either work from home or have been recently laid off during these months. Below will be tips and actions that can help you during these unpredictable times.


Tips on finding a job during COVID-19:

  • Keep applying to jobs if you haven’t heard anything from employers or have been laid off. Apply to jobs that match your skills, experience and qualifications. Employers might be taking some time to answer if you are hired. Don’t stress over not receiving an answer, keep your head up and continue to find jobs to apply for.

  • Don’t forget to evaluate or edit your resume. Make sure that you’re applying to a job that best fits your skills and experience. If you aren’t ready then make sure to update your resume  and add items that would make you stand out from the rest.

  • If necessary, then you should consider looking for part time jobs until you get an offer. This can help give some skill boosts and also help out in expenses. You should research online for opportunities and also part time jobs that have your experience or job type.

  • Options are available through online apps that can help you quickly sign up and start working when you are ready such as rideshare driving, food or grocery delivery.

  • If you are finding it difficult to get part time work then you should consider looking for remote or online work as there are options available for people with little or no experience like date entry or transcribing audio files into written.


If you are working from home:

  • Make sure you have the office equipment that you may need to work with at home. Make a list of the items that you need like notebooks or any hard drive.

  • Find a work space at home that can help you focus, quiet and can be free from distractions.

  • Be patient as it can be a difficult transition to a working home environment.


Despite all the work circumstances, it’s important for you to stay healthy and productive so tips on staying positive below:

  • With the shift of employment, it can be alarming and scary but you should be patient with yourselves and those around you who are also adjusting. It’s also perfectly acceptable to prioritize the health of you and your loved ones.

  • Patience is key as it is stressful right now and while you might be frustrated, take action for yourself when it comes to your job. Have patience with yourself and everyone around you as we will get through this soon.

  • Staying healthy is a priority during these times. Reduce your stress and focus on your mental and physical state by going for a walk, drink water and get enough sleep.


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