Family Life During Covid 19

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Intern Kris had a chance to interview a family and how they felt about the Covid 19 Crisis. The mother, Maria is the Interviewee. The entire family has an ongoing Labor Certification application for Green Card (EB3).

  • How have you been coping with the Covid crisis emotionally?

-Well, it has been difficult. I constantly worry about my family’s health and safety during this crisis. It is not only safety that I worry about, but also financially. At work, we have reduced hours, so therefore, it is reduced income for my family. However, we are thankful that my husband still has his job on the weekdays and weekends. If there is work, I am thankful, for every opportunity and just praying and hanging on to faith and God to watch over our family’s safety and the ones around us.

  • How does this affect your immigration status progress?

-As of right now, there are no updates on the status of our process yet, and the last time, the process is ongoing; there are no major impact yet caused by the crisis.  We are hoping that this crisis will not have negative effects on our ongoing immigration status. We can only hope and pray that it won’t be a difficult hit on us as a family.

  • Do you think that this crisis as severe as the Obama-era Recession?

-It appears we are heading towards another recession, and no doubt that it will be difficult. They are saying. Not just recession but a “depression”.  However, this time it is different and worse because now it is concerning health and safety. It causes added stress and worry to everyone in the world, not just my family.

  • What are some adjustments in your family that you have had to make in this time?

-Well one adjustment of course is that we are not going outside our house except only for work and necessities that we need (food, gas, grocery, etc.). We have had to stock up on a lot of food in our house, just to prepare for the future. Another adjustment is that we have had to cut down our spending, just to save money for the future, should the crisis get out of hand.

  • How has this changed your family’s daily life?

-This has changed our lives in many ways. One of the ways is that everyone in the house is a little more stressed and worried currently. Currently, my youngest daughter is on a “meltdown”, worrying that she won’t have a good birthday this year. But we explain to her that as long as family is intact, healthy and together, we will be okay.  Next year will be another good reason to celebrate! She has been on her phone and on Tik-Tok a lot lately, so I am concerned about that.  We try to teach her to be more responsible at home, like doing more chores. Good thing she is learning. I am glad that she is disciplined with completing her schoolwork first, before social media. However, this crisis has brought us more together as a family. During this time, we need to lean on each other for emotional support, because this is an uncertain future.

  • What are some hopes that you have for the future?

-Like everyone else, I hope that there is an end to this crisis. We hope that there is a cure and a way to contain the virus’s spread, so that it will not claim any more lives. I hope that we can once again rise back up as a nation from this crisis. Most of all, I always hope that my family stays safe and healthy.

  • Any wisdom you would like to share with others?

-Look at the blessings in life and cherish family. While there is an opportunity to get closer with family, take it. Keep praying and hold onto hope and a lot of prayers as we need them the most, at this time.


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