The Silver Lining Amidst Covid19

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When we think of the current state of our world in the middle of this Pandemic, we think of worry, fear, and uncertainty. “Self-Isolation” and “Quarantine” have become normal terms for everyday use. We have never seen an event with this magnitude occur before. It is a domino effect: Businesses take a hit (both small and big), the U.S. economy takes a huge loss, and families struggle financially. Every day, we hear of new Covid cases, it seems like the number just keeps elevating, with no end. The streets that once thrived with the sounds of traffic and people, are now empty shells of what they used to be. But amid all-negative news, the positives must be highlighted. Because of the financial and emotional toll of this pandemic, families are being brought together and turning to one another. We see community organizations reaching out to families and sending assistance. Not to undermine the danger of the pandemic, but we must also see the good that is happening despite the chaos. When the world brings us to our knees, we have no other choice but to turn to each other and hope for a better day. It may take months for the chaos to take a turn for the better, but till then, let us not let this divide us even more, instead, let us reach out with arms of love and care.


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