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Currently, a new recession might be hitting us now or any time soon.  Known to all as COVID-19 has severely affected American’s way of life especially with how the economy is doing currently. This brings us to compare what happened during the past decade’s recession that took place during 2008. The 2008 recession was a very scary time in the economy but also on immigration. The question now is; will the recession of 2008 most likely be how 2020’s recession affects immigrants.  During 2008’s recession, unemployment rates were higher as the recession caused many initiatives that pushed many unemployed immigrants to head back to their home country and stop the flow of new immigrants coming. Worst, some stayed but unfortunately, placed the people in a very compromising and critical immigration status such as becoming an illegal alien or their status, to be unlawful. In an article from the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), they stated, “Among the immigrants most affected are those in North America, Asia, and Europe. Across the world’s largest economies, immigrants during this recession generally have higher unemployment rates than the native-born.” (MPI). However, despite the higher unemployment rates it caused immigrants to wait out the economy to improve.  With the test of non-immigrant resilience to both changes and challenging situations such as economy or generally in life, immigrants and non-immigrants are always expected to rise above expectations.  They actually contribute to America’s recovery. During the recession, the unemployment rate in the US was 10.2% and climbing while the rate of immigration from Mexico and Central America had increased reaching a high of 13.1% in January 2009. (MPI).

We will most likely see this happen again for immigration once the pandemic reaches its end but at a slow pace as immigration offices will continue to be on high alert. With the current borders closed due to the US government, immigration and tourism are greatly affected; in fact, with suspension and lockdown on most flights, DELTA Airlines is already laying off 300,000 employees worldwide. Even if immigration might be thriving during the upcoming recession, there still will be trouble with the US opening its borders due to a continuing fear of another virus and the people who are coming from foreign countries. However, the key now is survival and a good attitude from everyone and not hold onto any stigmas once the pandemic is over.

Our clients are not solely based on immigrants & non-immigrants from abroad but also international students who are also struggling currently. Especially the graduating students from this year or CPT international students from now at least from now until 2021. Yes, it is not an easy road for all but most especially foreign or any non-immigrant and international students as the displacement of US workers is starting to rise.  But CSI will be here to guide them with every hurdle and challenging situation from CPT, OPT until we are ready for labor certification or Green Card through employment petition.

 Email us at info@csi-professionals.com. You may also call us at 818-476-0082 or Text/Viber/Call us at 213-487-5059.

We have always been committed to personal meetings and seminars all through the years, but we have to resort to alternative solutions during this difficult time. Hence the need to divert to Webinar and Phone Consults, for now. CSI Professionals Inc will send you an email about how to contact us through Zoom if you have any questions that can’t be answered through phone.

Please follow these steps: 

  1. Open an email titled “Please Join Zoom Meeting In Progress” from angelo.csiprofinc@gmail.com
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  3. Then Download the C-File from Zoom.
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Source Article: https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/recessions-impact-immigrants

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