How’s the Results for the Democratic Primaries Going?

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These past Tuesday have been jam-packed due to the voting for the Democratic Primaries with only two Democratic nominees still in the running who are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Both Biden and Sanders remain on the nominee list after Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren and many other Democratic nominees who all dropped out of the running due to the results from the past Super Tuesdays results. The first Super Tuesday was held during March 3rd which had stated such as California, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Colorado and Utah, Minnesota, and American Samoa. Bernie Sanders is the current leader in national polls but through this first Super Tuesday allowed Biden to be an alternative to Sanders. Biden swept 10 out 14 states on the first round of Super Tuesday taking states such as Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Maine. While Sanders took California, Utah, Colorado, and Vermont. The results from the first Super Tuesday allowed Joe Biden to take the lead in the Democratic Primaries. For the next round of Super Tuesday that took place on March 10, Biden had taken victories in states such as Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri while Sanders won North Dakota. According to ABC News “Biden again showed strength with working-class voters and African Americans, who are vital to winning the Democratic nomination.” (ABC News). Sanders has not been able to appeal to the African American voters as much as Biden has been doing. However, Sanders has strength when it comes to the young voters but this didn’t hold up as most of the young voters sat out on voting for the primaries during the two Super Tuesdays.

It is still not a lost cause as there are still many other states voting for the next two months even if some of the countries have been affected by Covid 19 which is the current state of Washington State. It has been affecting the rallies of the two candidates who both had canceled rallies in Ohio that were scheduled for Tuesday night. Both nominees are aware of the many health risks and will continue to decide on their upcoming events in the next few weeks. The Democratic National Committee also said that Sunday’s debate between Sanders and Biden would be conducted without an audience.

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