Good News for H1B Hopefuls!

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As it is currently the month of H1B, many people are very hopeful about getting the change of status for themselves. Some good news currently is the US agency that administers the visa application process will be denied a few H1B visas due to the many filed lawsuits. This comes due to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) who are seeking more Requests for Evidence (RFEs) from H1-B visa applicants. Many immigrant lawyers state that there are a lot of people filling against USCIS. Currently, Deepali Khadakban who is a member of an industry body that is representing over 1,250 small and medium staffing and IT firms who are all taking the USCIS head-on over the last two years about filing over 133 cases challenging visa denials. Last year, when an H-1B visa extension application of an employee was denied, Khadakban, who is the CEO of Precision Technologies Corporation, filed an appeal, but nothing happened. This year, they faced a similar situation but instead, she filed a lawsuit instead. Khadakban stated, “The case was reopened and we got an RFE, and the visa was approved after providing the documents,” (Sanghani, Economic Times).

This news sounds very promising to the many hopefuls who are filling for H1B status. This comes from how the Trump administration has been very emboldening on USCIS as they have been tough on the immigration process these past three years. Hopefully, this allows for many hopefuls to have hope when it comes to waiting for their results in the next few months.

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