Job Opening in Los Angeles

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Database Designer



Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering or related and 60 Months of Experience in Networking, Database Design, or related.



Design and develop logical and physical databases for our expanding company.  Create and implement security measures to protect all important information within our computer databases against failure, unauthorized modification, or any unwanted disclosure.  Calculate and make appropriate changes to data descriptions within our server.  Train all users of the company system databases, and help them with any questions they may have regarding database entry.  Troubleshoot programs and databases, ensure that foreseeable potential system issues are resolved, and alter current databases and programs to ensure optimal efficiency.  Designate adequate descriptions to enable all authorized users to easily access the appropriate data.  Analyze new project proposals from company management, and provide them with the estimated time and cost for the proposed project.  Write and code databases and see each database through to ensure that testing is flawless for all new and existing databases.  Create user accessibility standards, and specify each user’s level of accessibility for accessing our databases.


Send Resume to:

CSI Professionals, Inc

3255 Wilshire Blvd., suite 15200

Los Angeles, CA 90010



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