Revolutionary ways to Change in 2014!

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Los Angeles, CA., March 19, 2014 — CSI Professionals, Inc. in collaboration with California International University proudly present, “Revolutionary Ways to Change in 2014!”.

Spring is here and by the word “spring”, basically it means to move forward or bounce up or forward. Somewhat resembles our ideal attitude which is to stay on track and never look back, sounds good does it?

Here in CSI, we can usher you as we “spring” in to action and journey with you, towards success! We will be conducting collaborative events with various universities, colleges and other institutes as we focus on the following major topics this spring: “Self-empowerment” and “Career Trends” for 2014.

Topics included are: H1-B recap for the fiscal year 2014-2015, ticket to self-empowerment, road map to success and more. There will be a free group consultation after the seminar wherein our Vice president Ms. Marge Ordiales will answer all sorts of queries, regarding Immigration and Employment.

To top it all, we are adding revolutionized ways to our existing self-empowerment and engaging topics from the early 2014 until our most recent seminar, held last week.    The focus on YOU will be our utmost goal as we evolve thru your traits and continue to cultivate the following:

  • Self-awareness;  for recognition of our strengths and weaknesses
  • Proper and continuing education; there is no end to learning.
  • Vision; in order to expand ideas and creativity & plan ahead.
  • Self-Discovery; to discover and enhance your potentials.

For the year 2014, CSI will continue to reach out to you on career trends and eligibility for employment-petition. For almost 20 years, CSI has been providing adequate information to clients and people with such queries and we will not stop there.

For further details call us at; (213)487-5059 or (818)476-0082, Mondays-Fridays, 9:00 – 5:30PM.

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Join us on this informative session and as we journey to success and to keep up with this revolutionized world.

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