Typhoon Yolanda; A Call For Unity and Help!

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On November 8, 2013, super typhoon “Yolanda” hit the central Philippines, pouring heavy rains and strong winds. It caused great flood, destruction and sadly, loss of nearly 10,000 lives. The ruins from its aftermath are heart breaking, as seen on the news, in pictures and videos from witnesses of this tragedy.


Once again, another challenge to our Home Country and our “Kababayans” but, definitely, it is one of the few that will continue to prove the resilience of our people and nation, as a whole.  A reality that no one is an exception when we are faced with such calamity; you maybe rich or poor, young or adult, doctor, nurse, accountant, skilled or unskilled; your status in life is not a measure… Nor can you stop it from happening.


In the face of remains and debris, what can be a symbol of hope is the “bayanihan” (spirit of communal unity) of the Filipinos and even of foreign neighboring countries.  With this, we call for your help and once again, unite, in every possible way, we can.



With your support and understanding, we reach out to our FILAM Communities across the globe, not only in times of festivities and happy occasions, but, most of all, in crisis.  There are nearly 900,000 Filipinos in Southern California, alone, we call for your help in any way you can, whether it’s in cash or in kind. There is no small or big amount, as long as it comes from your heart. 


Between now until Friday, November 15, 2013; our office will be open from 9AM-5:30PM for all your donations.  All relief goods will be packed on Friday (November 15) through the kindness and assistance of Ms Olivia Co of O Skin Care and sent through ABS-CBN Sagip-Kapamilya on Saturday, Nov 16.  


For those who are conveniently located around downtown LA or Wilshire LA district; please contact our office from drop off hours and / or arrangement for pick up.  Kindly call us at 213-487-5059 or 818-476-0082or email us at info@csi-professionals.com.


Thank you. 



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