EXPOFIL 2013: Talent show and Talakayan (Talk of the Pinoy-Nation)

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LOS ANGELES— The Filipino Heritage Month was celebrated at the Orange County Fairgrounds and Event Center on October 26, 2013.  The celebration, called “ The Global Expo”, was an exposition of Filipino world-class  professionals. 

The event was well attended by families, talents, performers, artists  from all over Southern California.  Excitement for all participants intensified as the date of the event drew near.  Two main divisions of the event were:

  • ·        Talent Show – participants gave their very best from the audition to the actual performance day, in hopes of getting a chance to  be the front act for the one and only Asia’s songbird, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.  With their breath-taking acts the show proved to be the achievement of   their ultimate goal of becoming world-class performers.
  • ·        Talakayan on Stage (Talk of the Pinoy-Nation) – Experts in various fields provided brief and informative sessions.  

Aside from the entertainment brought by Filipino-American performers,  exhibitors and vendor booths there were food trucks, art exhibits , games. Etc.

Csi Professionals, Inc.’s President, Marge Ordiales is one of the major sponsors of the event. It has been the longest (almost  two decades) running and trusted employment agency in Southern California . In 2012 its clientele came from as far asCanada and other countries aiding them with their employment needs in the fields of science, art, education, business, athletics.

The goal of CSI is to expand and develop its services to cater to a variety of clientele globally.

Other major companies that participated in the event were GMA Pinoy Live, Toyota and Department of Trade and Tourism,Philippines.  All were unanimous in saying that the Talakayan segment provided them with answers in key-related issues and it was indeed an informative session.

Asked if the company has regrets in supporting a very challenging endeavor Ms. Marge’s response, “As Filipinos, we are resilient to the most challenging and difficult battle. We go through our mission  with high spirits. Our company is composed of a team that has the utmost dedication  conscientiousness and consistency to their work; “No storm will break us down. Should we fall, we will rise, again!” was the moving statement provided by the company’s VP. 

The Global EXPO is one of the biggest projects that CSI Professionals engaged in not only to show its unequivocal support for Filipino artists, performers and professionals around the world specially for our  “kababayan’s” journey in the United Statesto reach their American Dream.

The agency provides free consultation and information for all job placement needs.  Their motto is “And from then, until now we’re with you all the way.”

Interested parties can reach CSI Professionals at (213) 487-5059 and (818)476-0082 or EMAIL:  info@csi-professionals.comfrom Mondays thru Fridays, 9:00AM to 5:30PM.


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