Job Opportunity

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POSITION:    Engineer

HOURS:   35-40 Hours/Wk

EXPERIENCE  AND REQUIREMENTS:      Bachelor’s degree in Engineeringand 5 years chemical engineering or related         experience.


  • Designs packaging and equipment to control movement during transportation and storage of beauty products in various states, including solids, liquids and gasses.
  • Establish the most effective arrangement of operations such as crushing, mixing, distillation, heat transfer, and drying.
  • Analyze operating procedures and machinery functions to ensure that the operations are running as cost effectively as possible.
  • Create and perform tests to monitor process performance during the production stages to establish the degree of control over key variables, such as temperature, pressure, and time.
  • Configure equipment layout for the most safe and effective operations as possible.
  • Evaluate current processes to ensure that LA Peer Beauty abides by environmental regulations, and is operating at peak efficiency.
  • Find solutions and troubleshoot any problems that occur during the chemical manufacturing process.  Ensure that various beauty products sold and distributed through our company are non-toxic and are suitable for use by humans.

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