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POSITION                                                     Property Analyst

HOURS                                                          35-40 Hours/Wk


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting or a related field
  • At least 3 years of experience as a Property Analyst, in Business, or a related field


  • Assess property values and draft plans of action for property investments utilizing available financial analyses.
  • Recommend properties for purchase and appropriate time to buy them to management.
  • Monitor developments in the surrounding communities to inform Management of potential purchases and competitors.
  • Closely observe accounts receivable, accounts payable and other financial accounts to determine when it is an appropriate time for the company to purchase new investment properties.
  • Gather and analyze data in stability, price, economic and builder influences, and other factors affecting property investment suggestions.
  • Design and create charts, graphs and computer spreadsheets to illustrate technical reports and show potential investment risks and rewards.
  • Observe fundamental real estate developments, economic conditions by analyzing our company’s accountant reports while simultaneously examining commercial real estate trends.
  • Utilize knowledge of business and accounting principles to forecast the fiscal impact future investments will have on Sunset Equity Partners, LLC.
  • Compile information on commercial real estate and investment trends, and present written and oral reports for management.

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